Campbell Suggests Romelu Lukaku

Campbell Suggests Romelu Lukaku

Campbell Suggests Romelu Lukaku

Former Everton player Kevin Campbell has recently suggested that Romelu Lukaku improve his performance for success at Manchester United.

The reason, Campbell sure if the Belgian striker could do more.

Lukaku itself is believed to soon be a United player in the near future. Because the bid worth 75 million pounds has received the accolades of the Everton.

And, Campbell, who has played for six years at Everton, sees Lukaku as fit to play at Manchester United.

“His character will make him fit the style of the game and the players at Manchester United. He has the speed, strength and responsiveness, I feel he will soon score goals, “said Campbell told local media.

“When you play at Manchester United and other big clubs in the Champions League you have to be in the right position. He needs to improve his game and I think he will do that, “he said.

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