SPECIAL REPORT: Cristiano Ronaldo Silence, Real Madrid Not Pleased

SPECIAL REPORT: Cristiano Ronaldo Silence, Real Madrid Not Pleased

SPECIAL REPORT: Cristiano Ronaldo Silence, Real Madrid Not Pleased Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to the post-Cup capital of the Confederations but did not try to ease the rumors of his move from Real Madrid Agen Judi Online.

Real Madrid is not pleased with Cristiano Ronaldo’s stance, which has so far remained silent over speculation that he intends to leave the Santiago Bernabeu.

Last month Ronaldo accused Spanish authorities of tax evasion. She reacts by uploading a photo on Instagram that shows herself stuck her index finger on the lips, accompanied by the caption: “Sometimes the best answer is to stay still”.

However, the next day Ronaldo made a furore in Madrid following the emergence of a bombastic headline in the Portuguese newspaper, A Bola. “Ronaldo wants to leave Spain,” said the media editor, who also mentioned the megastar’s decision “can not be changed”.

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Ronaldo himself flew to Russia to participate in the Confederations Cup with the Portuguese national team and was elected Man of the Match in three matches of the Mexican counter, Russian and New Zealand counterparts phase so as to face the press after the match but only willing to answer questions Matches and tournaments.

In Spain, Florentino Perez made several interviews after returning to win the presidential election of Madrid, ensuring his continued four years in power, and affirmed: “Everyone knows I want Cristiano to stay here for life. He’s one of the pillars of this team and also a big part of the club’s history. ”

Afterwards, a number of Spanish media reported Ronaldo felt calmer after listening to Perez’s statement, but still no reaction from the number seven in connection with his future.

Portugal’s gait in the Confederations Cup stalled in the semi-finals and Ronaldo was granted permission from the squad to miss the third-place play-off match against Mexico and return to Spain early to meet a pair of newborn twins.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Champions League

Only, so far the 32-year-old attacker has not been in contact with Madrid or submit an open comment despite a few days back to the Spanish capital.

The attitude of the players is known to upset the ranks of El Real and some Madridistas who want to hear the direct explanation from Ronaldo, who previously looked so happy when Los Blancos took La Liga and Champions League trophies last season.

The club is ready to honor the privacy of Ronaldo during the holidays, especially having to adapt to new life as an additional two family members, but this week is expected to have contacts to discuss the situation and plans for next season.

While still optimistic that CR7 will survive, Real is unhappy that the superstar would prefer using the media to spread the threat of leaving instead of discussing the issue directly in internal negotiations. This week, following Ronaldo’s return to the capital, the talks should be held.

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